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Domestic Food and Beverage Manufacture

Under the Food Act 2014 businesses are required to operate under either:

  1. A Food Control Plan (FCP) – either based on a template or customised FCP
  2. A National Programme – one of three levels depending on the product you wish to produce

SiS can develop either a FCP or National Programme to meet your needs or assist you in implementing the MPI templated plans which will allow registration with the relevant regulatory authority (MPI or your local Council depending on the programme developed).

SiS can manage the process from initial discussions through drafting/development, attendance at the verification conducted by the MPI approved verifiers through to registration of the programme.

In addition to this SiS can provide training to meet food safety and legal requirements. This training can range from familiarisation with your programme to more specific training for key staff such as:

  • Overview Food Safety training suitable for all staff in the organisation
  • Training of company checkers and supervisors in FSP implementation
  • Training of company internal verifiers
  • Training in the management of microbiological and allergen management programmes
NZQA approved Category One Education provider 2021.
This is the highest ranking that can be given by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) in their External Evaluation Reviews (EER).
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Skipper Restricted Limits (SRL).
We are taking registrations for the Skipper Restricted Limits (SRL) Course. The newest and most practical skipper training course in New Zealand.
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SMS Training 2021.
In 2019 and 2020 SiS has delivered SMS and aviation safety programmes to hundreds of managers and employees in the aviation industry. Our suite of aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) programmes will also be available in 2021 throughout New Zealand.
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SMS – Real people, real stories.
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NZ Certificates in Seafood Processing.
Investment in staff training will improve your productivity and the quality of your seafood, from the ocean to the plate.
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