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SiS provides specialised training and consulting to the aviation industry.


SiS Training & Consulting Ltd is an NZQA approved Category One education provider.  This is the highest ranking that can be given in New Zealand and puts SiS in the top 10% of providers.

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SiS can also assist with your exposition and manual for SMS, taking your SMS Implementation Plan presented to CAA as a starting point.  The project can be undertaken all at once or in phases, to suit where your business is at.  We don’t provide an off-the-shelf safety manual because we want your manual to reflect your business. It can be stand-alone, or a combined H&S / SMS manual.




SiS AVIATION CLIENTS – please click link

NZQA approved Category One Education provider.
This is the highest ranking that can be given by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) in their External Evaluation Reviews (EER) and puts SiS Training & Consulting in the top 10%
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Skipper Restricted Limits (SRL).
We are taking registrations for the Skipper Restricted Limits (SRL) Course. The newest and most practical skipper training course in New Zealand.
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SMS Training 2020.
In 2019 SiS has delivered SMS and aviation safety programmes to hundreds of managers and employees in the aviation industry. Our suite of aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) programmes will also be available in 2020 throughout New Zealand. See our schedule here.
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SMS – Real people, real stories.
Feeling like some inspiration from aviation businesses that are using SMS to best effect? Take a look at “Real people, real stories” for examples of SMS in action from the aviation community.
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NZ Certificates in Seafood Processing.
Investment in staff training will improve your productivity and the quality of your seafood, from the ocean to the plate.
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