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SMS Training

SiS Training & Consulting Ltd is an NZQA approved Category One education provider.  This is the highest ranking that can be given in New Zealand and puts SiS in the top 10% of providers.

We understand and acknowledge the sector is still currently experiencing very challenging financial times. In light of this, we are extending last year’s 25% discount for the 2021 courses, as detailed below.

SiS provides the following SMS training (click title for full details)

Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS)

This course is the basic start to informing every member of an organisation as to what SMS is, and the benefits. It aligns 100% with SMS needing to be embedded into the culture of the organisation and provides a base level of knowledge to meet this expectation.

Upon completion all staff will be able to:

  • Explain what a Safety Management System is
  • List the key components of a Safety Management System
  • List the key benefits of a Safety Management System
  • Describe how a Safety Management System works
  • Explain the systems approach to safety management
  • Explain how a Safety Management System differs from the traditional approach to safety management

The online, fully supported module will take 25-30 minutes to complete including a short assessment quiz. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the conclusion of the course.

Cost is $50+GST per person. Discounted fee $37.50+GST

Feedback from our Introduction to SMS course

 “We have used your online SMS course to introduce all new staff to SMS and are happy with the course material, length and online platform.”

SMS for the Safety Manager

Duration: 2 days

Delivery: Classroom or Zoom

Method: Teaching, workbooks, workplace scenarios question and discussion time.

Safety Management Systems have revolutionised the way that aviation is managed and regulated. SMS for Managers is designed to provide a thorough grounding in aviation SMS. The focus is on identifying methods that work for companies including the intention of the SMS principles. The elements of an SMS are discussed in their functional context. Our intention is for you to leave feeling confident and competent to implement /operate your companies SMS as well as identify areas requiring improvement.

The course is designed for those who will have an assigned role in implementing or operating the SMS. Safety Managers, CEOs, senior persons and directors have all benefitted from the course. The course is also a solid grounding for those new to aviation safety management. There are plenty of examples from rotary wing, agricultural, tourism, airports and adventure aviation sectors.

For 2021, the course has been revised with exercises to further support companies who already have an SMS in place. An extended risk management module makes sure that you are able to operate this critical area of SMS more confidently.

Past participants have enjoyed the pragmatic course content, the sharing of information with other students and the focus on addressing their own questions. The workbook contains exercises and samples that provide greater focus on your own organisation’s SMS implementation and operation

More detail on specific technical skills, such as investigation and auditing are provided in separate courses, allowing time to acquire skills relevant to specific roles.

Online / Virtual Classroom cost is $995+GST.  Discounted fee $746.25+GST

Face-to-Face cost is $1,395+GST.  Discounted fee $1,046.25+GST

Feedback from our SMS for the Safety Manager course

 “I found this training to be very relevant and applicable to the aviation SMS requirements. I took away many key learnings and have applied these to our SMS”

“I feel so much more confident towards aiming for 'operating and effective' for our next CAA SMS audit, which could be this year”

“Andrew presented the training clearly and in a manner that welcomed and encouraged group discussions, providing some essential shared learnings within the group”

“A new and fresh look at SMS that was experienced based”

“Practical and simple approach to a complex subject”

“It helped me to understand how to practically apply SMS to what we do daily”

“All aspects of the SMS were explained in real language. Made it easier to grasp the concept”

“Not overly formal so information is easily transferable to our smaller organisation”

“Great templates, relatable to our business / aviation”

“Focused on core considerations without getting lost in too much detail”

“More practical than previous SMS courses, being able to ask questions based on our specific organisation”

“Clear information with industry examples. Approachable tutor who cared if people understood the content”

“Enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructor”

“Good discussion, friendly, low key but informative. Geared to small organizations which was great”

Aviation Incident Investigation

Duration: 1 day

Delivery: Classroom or Zoom

Method: Teaching, workbooks, workplace scenarios questions and discussion time.

Effective safety investigation is essential to companies that want to understand their internal risks and safety performance. The Incident Investigation course teaches students the essential elements of safety incident investigation in the context of an aviation SMS.

The course first teaches students to identify events that may contain significant risks. The focus then shifts to preparing for and conducting, an investigation. It concludes by teaching how to analyse the findings of an investigation and how to communicate the outcomes.

The course is intended for people in smaller companies who need the skills to conduct their own safety investigations or to oversee safety investigations. The course content aims to provide this essential skill without over complicating the topic.

The exercises support the course content and are designed to provide practical training in key elements – for example identifying causal factors. There are also completed examples as reference.

Online / Virtual Classroom cost is $595+GST. Discounted fee $446.25+GST

Face-to-Face cost is $949+GST.  Discounted fee $711.75+GST

Feedback from our Aviation Incident Investigation course

“The honest fresh look at incident/accident investigation – real world experience being brought to the table”

“One on one proved extremely beneficial. I could easily see how I would apply the concepts to our business / SMS”

“Concise, practical and easy to understand”

“Very engaging – Andrew is an excellent content provider”

“Practical scenarios to refer back to, easy to understand”

“Good use of practical work to reinforce understanding”

“Investigations was all new material for me and valuable  – learnt a lot

“Good examples and good templates to use in real life”

“Good balance of theory and practical exercises”

“Really enjoyed the content & practical side, wasn’t all tutor talking”

“Informative and easy to grasp”

Aviation Auditor

Duration: 1 day

Delivery: Classroom or Zoom

Method: Teaching, workbooks, workplace scenarios, questions and discussion time.

Internal auditing is the main activity that provides assurance that operational activities meet the expectations of senior persons. In an aviation SMS, auditing is one of the most proactive and effective tools for identifying risk available to the smaller company.

The aviation auditor course teaches the practical skills of this important area with the aim of building confidence or consolidating knowledge for applying auditing skills back in the workplace. No prior formal training required.

The course takes a contemporary approach to auditing and explains how auditing has changed from compliance and quality activity to a risk-based approach. The course explains how to develop and manage a risk-based audit programme, how to prepare for and conduct an audit and how to effectively identify and communicate findings.

All the content and activities are aimed at the smaller operator with the emphasis on practical techniques and solutions. There are exercises to develop key skills and completed templates to use as a guide.

Online / Virtual Classroom cost is $595+GST. Discounted fee $446.25+GST

Face-to-Face cost is $949+GST.  Discounted fee $711.75+GST

Feedback from our Aviation Auditor course

“The resources / templates were incredibly helpful”

“Practical exercises helped understanding. Tutor had practical experience. Tailored to size of our company/organisation - made it relevant”

“Audit has the potential to be very dry, however Andrew has made this course very engaging”

“Lots of information in course documents. I didn't need to write many extra notes”

“Lots of help with my understanding of audit processes”

“Good mix of theory & practical. Good to have info to take away”


About our courses

These are challenging times for the Aviation industry. We empathise and acknowledge that organisations big and small have limited resources and a lot to get through in a day. The SiS courses were developed with those busy daily operational activities in mind, without an excess of theory or overloading the content.

As well as key skills, our courses are focussed on improving safety performance. We also explain what the regulator expects of your organisation and how to work effectively with them.

We provide workbooks with templates and activities that leave you with practical material to take back and apply directly to your business be it helicopter, agriculture, adventure tourism, airports or engineering.

Training Schedule 2021

10-11 MaySMS Safety ManagerNelson
12 MayIncident InvestigationNelson
13 MayAviation AuditorNelson
9-10 JuneSMS Safety ManagerOnline
16 JuneIncident InvestigationOnline
17 JuneAviation AuditorOnline
26-27 JulySMS Safety ManagerTauranga
28 JulyIncident InvestigationTauranga
29 JulyAviation AuditorTauranga
2-3 AugustSMS Safety ManagerNelson
4 AugustIncident InvestigationNelson
24-25 AugustSMS Safety ManagerOnline
30 AugustIncident InvestigationOnline
31 AugustAviation AuditorOnline
20 SeptIncident InvestigationQueenstown - CANCELLED
21 SeptAviation AuditorQueenstown - CANCELLED
22-23 SeptSMS Safety ManagerQueenstown - CANCELLED
20-21 OctSMS Safety ManagerOnline
27 OctIncident InvestigationOnline
28 OctAviation AuditorOnline
22-23 NovSMS Safety ManagerPalmerston North
24 NovIncident InvestigationPalmerston North
25 NovAviation AuditorPalmerston North

To register for SMS training programmes or for information on how SiS can help your aviation business please contact Martin Mongan, 027 436 0116,

Click this link for a 2 page printable brochure.

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