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Food Safety

SiS Training and Consulting Limited has a proven track record in:

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining compliance and risk-based management systems, including HACCP, FCPs and RMPs, for all types of food processing facilities to meet domestic and international legal requirements
  • Providing internal audits of your quality or risk-based management programmes
  • Providing expert advice on
    • The development or review of food labels to meet stringent regulatory requirements
    • Advice on meeting domestic and international food safety legal requirements
    • Pathogen management and troubleshooting.

SiS can provide expert advice in the management of pathogen in a food processing environment in particular Listeria monocytogenes.

SiS can assist companies in the implementation and management of microbiological monitoring programmes to meet legislative requirements both for the domestic and export markets. SiS can also assist companies with troubleshooting when a microbiological issues arises.


SMS Training 2023.
We are currently offering 2023 aviation safety courses at last year’s prices.
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NZQA approved Category One Education provider.
This is the highest ranking that can be given by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) in their External Evaluation Reviews (EER).
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SMS Training 2022.
Since 2019 we have delivered SMS and aviation safety programmes to hundreds of managers and employees in the aviation industry. Our aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) courses are available via zoom classroom, and may be available face-to-face later in 2022.
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SMS – Real people, real stories.
Feeling like some inspiration from aviation businesses that are using SMS to best effect? Take a look at “Real people, real stories” for examples of SMS in action from the aviation community.
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NZ Certificates in Seafood Processing.
Investment in staff training will improve your productivity and the quality of your seafood, from the ocean to the plate.
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