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SMS Implementation Plans



SMS Category 2 companies had until the end of July 2018 to lodge their Safety Management Systems Implementation Plans with CAA.


SiS successfully assisted a number of companies with their Implementation Plans, providing the following:

1. SMS Readiness Evaluation. This is a gap analysis audit compiled from a meeting with you and then by review of your manuals suite.  It is designed to indicate the areas of strength and weakness in your current structure.

2. SMS Implementation Plan (Word doc). This is the implementation plan that will go to CAA. It includes the following elements:

  • Organisational overview
  • Management Plan – milestones and resources
  • Project risk analysis
  • Training needs analysis
  • Gap analysis – tasks derived from the analysis documents
  • Implementation – how and when the tasks in the gap analysis will be done

3. SMS Implementation Workbook (Excel). This spreadsheet is the same implementation plan described above without the text sections.  It includes the following elements as separate tabs:

  • Implementation Plan – prioritised tasks derived from the gap analysis documents
  • SMS Plan Overview – milestones and resources
  • Implementation Timetable – how and when the tasks in the gap analysis will be done
  • Risk analysis – the risk analysis in the implementation plan, expressed more formally as a risk management plan

The worksheet is intended to be used both an implementation plan document and a working document to help you manage the implementation of the SMS.  You can use it as you go along by marking tasks complete and so on.

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