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Food Industry Training

SiS Training and Consulting Limited has been providing food industry training for the past 15 years with a proven reputation for high quality, effective and flexible training.

Training packages can be tailored to suit a specific company’s needs or be offered as a generic programme attended by a range of companies. Similarly training packages can be developed for all levels of personnel from factory floor to management.

Training packages include training in:

  • Food safety including food microbiology, pathogen management and food spoilage.
  • Processing including hygiene and hygienic work practices, cleaning and sanitation, handling and the use of chemicals, as well as training in key process operations such as chilling, freezing and thawing food products.
  • Compliance including training for staff involved with monitoring, supervision or management of a RMP/FCP. Training is also conducted in personnel involved in ensuring compliance to company specifications or documented systems.
  • Seafood retail including hygienic work practices, maintaining the retail and storage areas, maximising sales and the operation of a seafood retail environment.
  • Electronic certification (E-Cert) for seafood, meat and dairy industries
SMS Training 2022.
Since 2019 we have delivered SMS and aviation safety programmes to hundreds of managers and employees in the aviation industry. Our aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) courses are available via zoom classroom, and may be available face-to-face later in 2022.
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NZQA approved Category One Education provider 2021.
This is the highest ranking that can be given by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) in their External Evaluation Reviews (EER).
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SMS – Real people, real stories.
Feeling like some inspiration from aviation businesses that are using SMS to best effect? Take a look at “Real people, real stories” for examples of SMS in action from the aviation community.
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NZ Certificates in Seafood Processing.
Investment in staff training will improve your productivity and the quality of your seafood, from the ocean to the plate.
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SMS Implementation Plans due 30 July 2018.
The next round of SMS Implementation Plans are to be lodged to the CAA by 30 July 2018. Details are on the CAA website. Check out our aviation pages to find out how SiS can help aviation companies with their SMS Implementation Plans and SMS Training.
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